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Fire Risk Assessment
On October 1st 2006, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety order) came into force. This is a major change in legislation and fire certificates are no longer issued or in force. As an employer, or as someone who has control of a workplace you must take steps to ensure that you have what is known as a 'suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment' in place.

APL Fire Safety aims to help your business keep on the right side of the newly introduced fire safety legislation.

Under the fire regulations, if you employ staff, you need to carry out a fire risk assessment of your workplace and have an emergency plan, although some workplaces do not have to comply.

Fire Regulations


APL Fire Safety run regular fire safety training courses which use a mixture of theoretical and practical tuition. The objective of each course is to give your staff an all-round education on fire safety.

Fire Safety Training

Company Profile

Fire Safety is an area that no business can afford to ignore - so the fact that friendly help and advice is just a phone call away is a very welcome indeed.

Allan Lamb has set up APL Fire Safety to help small and medium sized businesses keep on the right side of the newly-introduced fire safety legislation.


APL Fire Safety offers fire risk assessments, health & safety consultancy, fire safety training and fire safety advice to help businesses comply with the new fire safety laws.

Fire Risk AssessmentsThe First Step To Preventing A Fire Is A Fire Risk Assessment

Carrying out a fire risk assessment delivers real benefits to business; by taking a few simple steps to reduce fire risks, employers can prevent fires breaking out. Furthermore, it is a legal requirement...